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Cullman Criminal Defense Lawyer

Free Consultations for Criminal Defense Cases

If you would like to schedule a free consultation with Nelson Johnson regarding a Criminal Defense case, feel free to email or call. .

Fighting  Criminal Charges In Alabama

Any criminal charge can result in a high level of stress and can seem overwhelming. Remember that when you are being arrested or questioned by law enforcement that you do not have to answer any questions without a lawyer present. 

A decision too important to leave to chance

On any charge where you risk time behind bars the decision of who will fight along side you is too important to leave to chance. We have the experience and compassion to defend you against the State regardless of the type of criminal charges against you. We will take the time to examine all the evidence and keep you up to date with all of the developments in your case. 

Types of Criminal Cases
  • DUI

  • Assault & Battery

  • Drug Crimes

  • Theft

  • Robbery 

  • Burglary

  • Traffic Violations

  • Murder

  • Domestic Violence

  • Attempting to Elude 

  • Obstruction of Justice


Regardless of if you are facing a felony, misdemeanor or a minor traffic violation, Nelson Johnson has the experience and dedication necessary to represent you against the State. Nelson prides himself in representing the criminally accused and ensuring their rights are protected. He will aggressively litigate your case by collecting discovery, reviewing the prosecutors evidence, and file the appropriate motions to exclude evidence that was improperly collected by the police. 

Representing people that have been accused of a crime is not about representing a criminal. Nelson fervently believes in the rule of law that you are innocent until proven guilty and that you are a person before all else. 

Defending your innocence is a stressful and difficult situation regardless of the type of charge you are facing. Nelson is here to make that process a little bit easier by providing quality legal representation and ensuring your rights are protected in the court proceedings. 

Nelson Johnson defends the innocent and seeks mercy for those who have made mistakes. Call us today and set up a free case consultation.

Cullman Alabama Defense Lawyer

Cullman Alabama DUI Defense

Driving under the influence is a charge that some people tend to think of as minor, but a conviction for DUI can have significant repercussions on your future. Penalties for your first DUI are typically less severe than future convictions, but still can result in loss of your ability to drive a vehicle, fines, and even jail time. Further conviction for Driving Under the Influence will results in more harsh penalties and in Alabama cause the DUI to go from a Misdemeanor offense to a Felony. 

DUI does not only apply to alcohol, but other mind altering substances as well.

When dealing with a Driving Under the Influence charge hiring a skilled attorney can be crucial to finding evidentiary issues in the States case, negotiating with the prosecutor for a lesser traffic violation that doesn't cause your license to be suspended, or negotiating for the best plea bargain for your situation to avoid jail time or significant fines. 

Should I consult an attorney?


Yes, having an attorney to represent you in a criminal action is crucial to the protection of your rights throughout the process. Time is of the essence in these cases to ensure that all evidence can be collected and preserved. For a free consultation contact us by email or phone. 

Contact us by phone or email: 

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