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Personal Injury Services Across Alabama

Nelson Johnson is licensed to practice law in both Alabama and Georgia. Nelson works on cases from Huntsville to Mobile and even some spread across different areas of Georgia. Nelson's primary focus has always been on personal injury cases. He prides himself on being able to help people through one of the hardest times in their life following a car wreck or other type of accident. Fighting with an insurance company is the last thing you want to do after you have suffered a significant injury, let Nelson handle that for you, and you focus on getting back to who you were before the accident occurred. 

Free Consultations

We offer free consultations virtually or in person. If you are unable to meet at that location, we also have the ability to host free consultations via phone, video chat, or by having our case investigator come and meet with you at a location that is convenient for you. 

We look forward to speaking with you and helping you get back to normal life.

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